ilia sukhov. ico legal adviser.
Full legal support for your
ICO project
Our team provides various services to ensure the legality of your project activities at the ICO stage and after its completion. You would receive all necessary legal components, including: legal research of your token, Terms&Conditions, Advisory Agreement, selecting optimal jurisdiction, company establishing, approval from the regulatory body, KYC/AML compliance and etc. Gained expertise and availability of ready-made solutions allows us to provide you with all appropriate services within a reasonable period of time.
Ilia Sukhov
ICO Legal Adviser
ICO Vision Establishing
Studing the client's ICO conception (whitepaper and any related document) and arranging specifying questions/answers session if needed.
Legal Research
After the client's ICO vision is established, we analyze it in terms of possible legal implications of the proposed ICO and its token, such as:
- securities regulation: ICO, crowdfunding etc.
- AML regulation
- financial regulation: e-money, investment, banking etc.
- taxation: VAT, profit, other taxes
- accounting-auditing regulation
ICO Documentation Preparation
Amending or preparing following ICO documentation: the token acquisition Terms & Conditions, contracts with advisors, some other service contracts. Also we go through the client's marketing texts on the web / whitepaper to clean out "unacceptable" legal wording.
Legal Entity Incorporation
Advising and assisting with incorporation of an legal entity in the most appropriate jurisdiction and facilitating in obtaining the regulatory body approval.
Total cost for the full legal support of the ICO project usually varies 25 000 - 50 000 EUR (depending on jurisdiction and necessary services)

Hourly rate: €400 to €700 / hour (depending on complexity)
ICO Project Analysis and Selecting the Appropriate Jurisdiction
Studing the client's ICO conception and selecting optimal jurisdiction for the ICO project in accordance with special aspects of token.
Company Registration Services
Consulting and selecting appropriate business entity with subsequent registration and opening of a bank account.
Token Sale Agreement / Terms & Conditions
Preparing the proper "Token Sale Agreement" / "Terms & Conditions" form.
KYC / AML Compliance
KYC / AML compliance for implementation in client's ICO project.
Regulator Approval
Legal assistance in obtaining the approval from the regulatory body.
Legal Opinion
Providing a legal opinion on the compliance of client's ICO project with the existing local and international legislation requirements.
Legal Forms Preparation (MOU & Agreements & etc)
Preparation of various legal forms, such as: Memorandum of Understanding, Financing Agreement, employment contracts, etc.
Legal Advising
Written legal advice on issues of your interest.
Full Legal Support of Your ICO Project
Total cost: usually 25.000-50.000 EUR (depends of jurisdiction and necessary services)
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You will get a respond within a few hours.
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